Storing good energy in your chakras

A diagram of the heart chakra
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This article by John Eagles, August 25, 2006.

Chakras are energy wheels that are located in different parts of your body. There are seven main chakras that are working on the level of your mind (for a short overview see Fundamental energies in the cosmos). There are many more than seven chakras in your body. There is quite some confusion of terminology of chakras. Sometimes more than seven main chakras are mentioned and many different names have been given. This is partly due to the fact that terminologies have come from different cultures and partly it is because chakras don't always work the same in all people.

Chakras are switches and motors for energy, but they also are storage places for energies. Each chakra is equipped for a special fundamental energy. You can send most energies to all chakras but when you want to store energies it is best to store them in the chakra that's best suited for that.

When you learn to work with energies, your chakras must have developed to a certain degree. By working with energies, you give exercise to your chakras and they get in a better condition. The world of energies is extremely complicated. The energy build-up in your body is also very complex so don't be surprised that you get confused when this field is new to you. Until today, physicians haven't discovered all there is to know about the physiology and organ systems in human bodies. I am sure that the organization of energy systems in the body is still much more complex than that of the physical constitution.

When you begin to work with your chakras, it may be that suddenly certain energies get released that were stored in them. Sometimes this is dangerous, especially if you don't know how to deal with these energies. Such released energies may bring out certain diseases of mind or body.

When your attempt is to store good energies in yourself, you don't need to be very afraid for this, as long as you don't overdo things. For example, by breathing exercises you can bring good air energy (prana) into your heart chakra. Your heart chakra is the best place to store this energy. From there you can send the prana through your entire energy systems and body. When you all of a sudden do many of such breathing exercises, it may unbalance your entire energy system. When you feel that you get unbalanced, it's better to stop or diminish such exercises.

By prayer or meditation centered on the Creator, you can fill your crown chakra with good energy. You could also meditate centered on other beings than the Creator. In that case your crown chakra will fill itself with other energy than what originally came from God. Depending on the source from where you got that energy, this could be more or less harmful.

If you want to store your chakras with good energies, you must be familiar with those energies. You must be able to recognize the energy. You increase your ability for this through practice and study and meditation. It's basically a matter of awareness. Just like you know a person, you know that person's identity, so can get to know a specific energy. What you know is not just a summary of characteristics, this kind of knowledge is rather direct and intuitive.

To store an energy in a chakra, you must be aware of the energy, you must be aware of having that chakra and you must be aware of the fact that you are storing that energy. This sounds very simple, but this is how it is.

Don't expect miracles from this. For example, we are breathing all the time and when we breathe in the right way there is a continuous input of good air energy into our being. We are connected to the Earth all the time. We cannot live long without being connected to the Earth. When space travelers are too long away from the Earth, their bodies quickly develop all kind of problems because they are not under the influence of gravity.

We need to receive the fundamental energies of the chakras all the time, each day. We can learn to store more of these energies, or of other energies, when there is a need for this. By learning to do this, we improve the working of our chakras, provided that we do this in a balanced way and don't bring our whole energy system into disharmony.


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