The growth of a foundation and the element of time

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This page is part of an ERW course, Principles of economic restoration.
By John Eagles, August 7, 1999

How much time does it take to build a foundation in the world? What stages are there when you want to build a foundation?

Suppose you want to build up a business. How is this done in accordance with original principles and how much time does this take? Or you want to found a university. How should this be done and how much time does it take?

First, there have to be ideas and principles for how your foundation must be built up. These ideas and principles are centered on the purpose for which your foundation is built up. In the original world, those ideas and principles come from God Himself. Your foundation will be an expression of a certain desire which emerged in God and which you inherited from God. Therefore, the purpose of your foundation should lie in God. When your foundation serves a goal liked by God, then your foundation must be built entirely according to God’s principles and ideas. If your foundation is not serving a goal liked by God, you still need principles and ideas, but they won’t come from God directly.

The bigger that your foundation has to be, and the larger the purpose which must be fulfilled by it, the more time you will need for finding out principles and ideas for how to build the foundation.

Second, after your foundation has been thought out, your foundation must become realized in spiritual and physical form. Before you can build a physical foundation, you will have to make a spiritual foundation.

Again, if you didn’t center your foundation on God’s wishes, then you will probably be quickly finished with the spiritual part and you will right away try to make the physical foundation for it. But there does not exist a foundation in the world, an organization or a business or a structure, which doesn’t have a spiritual foundation.

For example, if your purpose is to quickly build a business so that you, as individual, can get rich, you still need some kind of spiritual foundation. A few spirits who unite with your self-centered goal are enough for your spiritual foundation, and such spirits can be found quickly. Usually, people are not aware that they need and actually did build a spiritual foundation for their business or organization.

Third, your foundation can only blossom over time when there is harmony between positive and negative aspects, or between masculinity and femininity. In most cases, such a harmony is a matter of course resulting from a relationship between a husband and a wife who together build up a foundation.

Whoever wants to build a foundation must follow a certain path of growth. That growth starts with love or desire which is centered on a certain purpose, for which that foundation is being made. Ideally, such love is centered on God and on God’s ideals. The desire of love makes the foundation to be wished and such desires or ideals need to be worked out in the form of ideas and principles.

When there are ideas and principles there comes the stage of transforming such ideas and principles in expressions of energy. Such expressions first must be realized spiritually and then physically.

In order to guarantee expansion of the foundation, there has to be harmony between positive and negative or between masculine and feminine aspects of the foundation. That harmony makes out the forms of the foundation and expressed over time, this constitutes growth of the foundation.

Let me try to make all this clearer with examples. Suppose someone, Mr. C wants to build a business with the purpose of making much money for himself. First that person must get the ideas and principles for how to make that company. The ideal is a self-centered ideal. Suppose the person gets the idea to trade a certain product of the people living in his village. Let’s say the people of his village are fishermen and they catch fish at sea.

Mr. C wants to earn a lot of money and he gets the idea to buy the fish of his fellow villagers and to sell that fish in a nearby city. Mr. C has a self-centered motivation, so he wants to buy the fish very cheap and sell it expensive. The idea for his business has been born and the principle for it is simple: make sure that no one else buys fish in the village. Some more principles Mr. C must think out, for instance he must know how to transport the fish from the village to the city and how to keep it fresh.

The second stage of the business of Mr. C is that Mr. C has a big enough spiritual foundation for his trade. Mr. C has a self-centered motivation, and because there are mainly self-centered people in spirit world, Mr. C quickly can find enough spirits to support his business. Actually, Mr. C is unaware of the fact that he needs a spiritual foundation, but in this case that doesn’t matter, because the spiritual foundation is easily realized.

Then Mr. C must make a physical foundation. For example, he needs a car to transport the fish from village to city. He needs a place to sell the fish in the city.

When Mr. C wants to expand his foundation into the future, Mr. C needs children who inherit the business. For this purpose, Mr. C gets married. Mr. C is a man, and in order that his business attracts a diversity of customers, Mr. C employs girls to sell the fish on the market in the city.

This was, shortly described, the course someone must go in order to build up a self-centered business foundation.

Now, suppose that your task is given to you by God. God wants you to build up an individual-level business. How are you going to do that and what kind of difficulties will you encounter?

First, you must unite with God’s ideal and purpose for your business. If you cannot overcome your feelings against God, you will not ever find out what God wants you to do. In that case, you will not be able to build up your business under God. You will not be able to find principles and ideas how to do it.

Suppose that you did center yourself enough on God and you could sense God’s desires for your business and you even could find out from God principles and ideas how to build it. In that case, your next task is that you make a spiritual foundation for your business. As your business only needs to be on the individual level, you only need three good spirits to support your ideals and to work together with you. But how are you going to find such spirits? You must convince people in spirit world that they can trust you before they are going to work together with you for long time. And even when those spirits would like to help you, you probably often need to correct those spirits because they diverged from the ideals which God revealed for your business.

On the basis of having spirits supporting you in a God-centered way you can now start to make the actual physical foundation. For this you have to work day and night, and because many people in the world are against God you must win many battles against enemies in the physical world.

Finally, you must make that your business gets a good and harmonious form and that its existence is also guaranteed in the future. For this purpose you, if you are man, must harmonize your relation to female individuals, centering that relation on God. Then you will be able to bring such female elements into your business, and only that will secure a good future for your business.

Suppose that God didn’t ask you to make an individual or family foundation but that God asked you to make a cosmic foundation. That cosmic foundation does not only involve matters of economics but it includes all aspects of human life, such as politics, justice, science, agriculture, music, art, science, etc., etc.

In that case you also must first find God’s principles and ideas for how God’s cosmos must look like. This is only possible if you as individual became able to really deeply feel God’s desires for God’s ideal. And that is only possible if you went a very difficult and long course of restoring the failures which central figures of restoration history have made. Once you are united with God’s desires, God can begin to reveal you the great variety of ideas and principles for how God has purposed God’s ideal world.

After God revealed such ideas and principles to you, you will have to make a cosmic-level foundation in spirit world. You need the guaranty that once you started to build God’s ideal cosmic foundation, no evil spirit will invade or destroy it. For that purpose you must fight against and win over the spirits who have controlled spirit world ever since the fall of man. To win that fight you must go into a cosmic spiritual battle and be victorious.

Only after you managed that, you can begin to make a foundation for God’s cosmos in the physical world.

Meanwhile, you also must have worked to secure the inheritance of God’s foundation into the future and also for the harmonious constitution of the cosmic foundation in the present. For this you, Adam, must have brought a woman under God and you must build a family under God.