The millionaire mind

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This page is part of an ERW course, Principles of economic restoration.
By John Eagles, January 26, 2010

This article can be read as a commentary on the thinking that people must become millionaires in order to build a better world.

The heavenly mind of the millionaire is that of a person who knows that all of creation already belongs to him or her. Being a child of God, the whole creation is ours. We can feel this when we are aware of God being our Parents.

Then it is up to God to give special responsibilities for this to this person and for that to that person. God knows, like a parent knows when it is the right time to give the child a bike. It is something we don't need to worry about. What we need to worry about it to have a close and loving relationship to God, then the rest will be taken care of.

Altogether it means, the more we worry about becoming a millionaire, the less likely it is we will become one in a good way. That is not to say that we don't need to invest hard or cannot apply good business principles, but everything at the right time and in the right way, without any greed.

It maybe necessary sometimes for some of us to go through a period of poverty. This may function as a training to learn the real value of God's blessings.

The essence of this field of life (Third Blessing) is to become a co-creator. When we make things, produce things with a loving attitude and we want to create in order to give, all external situations will be taken care of. We can have this kind of trust because God made the cosmos like that.

Good business principles

This would take more than one comment to explain.

Important for a business we set up is that it should be functioning for our own restoration. It's not just about making money, but about offering our earnings to God, to make the money and other results available for the building of God's Kingdom. This is only possible when we see ourselves as the center of our business, the business being like an extension of ourselves. As we progress through the process of restoration, our business can become successful, not only externally, but also in the correct internal way.

A business produces goods or services. In each case, there is the creative production stage, there is the stage of selling to the people, and finally there is the offering to God. In order for the heavenly person to gain the first birthright for God, the business should really be serving. When a customer bought a product, he or she must feel to have willingly given the money for the product. This is only possible when the product has a kind of over-value, has more worth than what the customer pays. This over-value can be in the external quality of the product and also in the attitude with which it was made and offered to customers.

The customer then pays for the product or service and is happy to have done so. This means that the first birthright goes over to the heavenly side without any accusations being attached. The profit made from such a business can be offered well to God and for the building of the foundations for God's Kingdom.

Keeping such principles provides for successful businesses. I speak from own experience as i have built several successful ones, always starting from total scratch. After these enterprises became successful, i lost my interest because life got too easy and i wanted and needed more and other training. So i may never get rich but i learned a bit about successful business principles.