The spirit world is a real world

This page is part of an ERW course, section: Divine Principle - The spiritual world.
By John Eagles, April 19, 2012.

The spirit world is a substantial world. It means that it is a world that's real. It has an environment and there are many cultures and groups and organizations. Just as is the case in the physical world, you need to learn to live in that world. You belong to a family, tribe, group and you live at a certain location. Some travel more, some travel less. Some end up in prisons. Just like we need to learn to walk and move in the physical world, we need to learn to walk and move in the spirit world.Just like we learn to see what is around us in the physical world, we need to develop our senses and learn interpreting what we see in the spirit world.If you like to be a Christian, you'll regard your Christian environment in spirit world as heaven. If you like to be a communist, you'll regard your communist environment as heaven. It's the same for whatever tribe or group you belong to. It's important to learn to live in that environment of the spirit world before we leave our bodies in the physical world. Otherwise we could end up being entirely dependent on others and we could not determine our own future in the spirit world.


Question: When would that learning actually begin? Is it during our physical Life or will the learning process begin after we transitioned to spirit world?

The problem is that in the physical world we are rather separated from life in the spirit world, and many spirits do not know how to relate to the physical world. These are problems due to the fall. In the original world, people born in the physical world would experience communion with the spirit world from a young age, and naturally they would learn how to conduct their spiritual lives and about the spirit world.

It is preferable that we know about the spirit world before time is up for our physical body. Then we could experience all the joys of spiritual life and we would be capable to deal with problems in the spirit world. It is not impossible for spirits, however, to catch up learning about the spirit world. It would need a good learning environment in the spirit world, but also this is a problem right now. Little or no systematic training is given for newly arriving spirits.

Question: Since you are thinking of this subject of systematic training for newly arriving spirits, are there others who are trying to address this problem?

This is a difficult problem in the spirit world. You know who's liberating and training spirits, but as far as i know this is of ancestors only who already are spiritually developed enough to follow workshops. It's also only of ancestors whose descendants managed to continue the bloodline. Also, there have always been teams of angels, black and white alike, whose task is to 'resurrect' newly arriving spirits.

But all these trainings are for spirits of whom is expected that they can help the cause of those giving the training or support. The problem is with those who arrive entirely unprepared in spirit world. For example there are billions of spirits of children who died so young that they could not develop at all, and of many of these children isn't taken care. To do this would require a huge re-organization of the entire spirit world. However, because there are so many different groups there, often hostile against each other or not interested or able to meet other groups, this worry is urgent and grievous indeed.