Why everyone needs three archangels - again

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Three angels visiting Abraham, by Lodovico Carracci
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By John Eagles, October 18, 1998.

We often hear that we need to find three spiritual children, or that a spiritual master has three main disciples. What are the reasons for this?

Spiritual children or disciples stand in the position of archangels. In a normal human family there are parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, aunts and uncles, but not 'archangels.' The word 'archangel' means leading angel. The word is used in the context of the spiritual reality, the relationship between Adam or Eve and angels.

Adam and Eve fell when they came under the influence of angels who failed their mission. These angels should have educated and supported and protected Adam and Eve. When these angels failed, Adam and Eve came to live in a difficult spiritual situation. To restore a good spiritual situation for humans, Eve or Adam, we need three archangels or spiritual children.

There are five reasons why you need three archangels.

  1. Without three archangels, you as individual cannot stand in a stable four-position foundation.
  2. Without your three archangels, you cannot reach perfection.
  3. You need your archangels to protect you.
  4. You need your archangels to educate you.
  5. You need your archangels to serve you, and you need to learn to be master over angels.

Archangels for a stable, individual four-position foundation

Have you ever seen a table standing on one leg? Or a chair wobbling on two legs? The minimum demand for stability is support of three bases or foundations. What is true in the physical world is in principle also true in a spiritual sense. The basic foundation for all creations is the four-position foundation[1]. The four-position foundation means that the first position needs three other foundations for the sake of stability, development and good results. It is possible to explain this in a mathematical way, but this is something about which we need to pray and meditate much, in order to get an inner understanding. Adam needs three archangels for stability. Adam and Eve as parents, minimally need three children for stability.

Archangels to reach perfection

You need three archangels in order to reach your individual perfection. This is true for God's original world, as it is true for restoration. How can we understand this in the right way? Archangels, in the original world in which Adam and Eve were born, are beings who on the one hand have experience and knowledge, because they are much older. On the other hand, archangels are beings with less potential than Adam and Eve have.

Why did God invent such a system, in which Adam or Eve are confronted with archangels? One could say that this is God's way of developing the world of creation. When you want to develop yourself, it is wise to learn from those who are elder and more experienced than you are. In that way you can learn quickly through inheritance. It doesn't take you long before you know as much as those older beings, those archangels. What took them ages to find out, you can learn quickly from them. In that way, you grow beyond them. Especially when there is more potential in you, as there was in Adam, being God's child, compared with archangels who live as God's servants. Individual perfection, for Adam, is defined by God as Adam's ability to be master over his archangels, so that Adam's relation to God can never be hampered by influence of angels.

In God's original world of creation, Adam and Eve could only reach individual perfection by becoming subject to his archangels. In the world of restoration, this means that fallen Adam must regain the subject position over archangels. To become subject doesn't mean to tell your archangels what to do, but subject means the one who is giving direction and God's love.

Archangels to protect you

Adam's and Eve's archangels were given to protect them. The archangels were experienced in the world as it existed then. Not a single child can grow up without being protected by elder ones. Protection of the family to which they are connected is a very important task for the spiritual children. That task has been given to you, and God and your spiritual parental family need you to fulfill that task. But your archangels also must protect you. That is their task, and you have to educate your archangels to fulfill that task. An archangel stands in a more external position. Therefore, each attack, whether this concerns a physical or a spiritual attack, ALWAYS first comes through the archangels. You should train yourself to notice this.

Archangels to educate you

Depending on your own personal mission, you are attracting angels and people in the spirit world to help you, and people in the physical world taking an archangel's position. For example, when your personal mission is in the field of building and construction, your archangels most likely won't be people or angels with other type of missions. Those archangels usually know much more than you, in external ways. While some people take the archangel's position to you, you again have spiritual parents to whom you are in the archangel's position. Each of you is Adam or Eve, and one day, you also absolutely need archangels in spirit world, who must educate you in special fields.

Archangels to serve you as their master

One of the tasks of Adam and Eve is to learn to be master over angels. Your archangels must serve you. Of course, you cannot force your archangels to do this. You have to make them serve you by giving them much love and by guiding them into the right direction toward God.

It is part of the human training to learn to become a good master over archangels. I am now speaking about original archangels, that is: angels. Man is supposed to become a good master over the angels. When your archangels are people, you are not supposed to become their master, but still, those archangels must serve you in all kind of ways, as a way of overcoming in themselves the influence of angels. Likewise, you serve them. The essence of serving is to give love, to care for people. As long as you think about serving in terms of a master-servant relationship, you haven't yet learned what real serving means.