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The concept of Home Church was introduced by Rev. Sun Myung Moon [1]. Home Church is a dispensation, an act of grace given by God, which became possible upon fulfillment in God's Providence of Restoration.

Home Church, in short, can be seen as religion practiced with the home as center. The 'home' is the house of a family, ideally harmonized in love between the parents and children, ancestors and descendants. Home Church is meant to pass on this family experience of love to other homes. As such, Home Church serves as the essential practicing of religion, both to develop ourselves in love for God and man and to spread this love to the world.

In my own essays about Home Church, i sometimes use the word 'Home Religion,' whereby the same is meant but while the word 'church' has connotations with Christianity, 'religion' is more universal. (JE)

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Cain- and Abel families in restoration Baptism-of-Christ.jpg In the process of restoration, there appear the names of many families. We know about restoration in Adam’s family, Noah’s family, Abraham’s family, Isaac’s family, Laban’s family, Jacob’s family, Zachariah’s family, Josef’s family, Peter’s family. In the ideal, there is God’s family, True Adam’s family, original Adam’s family. March 15, 1991
Why everyone needs three archangels - again Abraham-And-The-Three-Angels.jpg We often hear that we need to find three spiritual children, or that a spiritual master has three main disciples. What are the reasons for this? Spiritual children or disciples stand in the position of archangels. In a normal human family there are parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, aunts and uncles, but not 'archangels.' The word 'archangel' means leading angel. The word is used in the context of the spiritual reality, the relationship between Adam or Eve and angels. Oct. 19, 1998
Protection by three archangels Protection by 3 archangels.jpg Imagine yourself as a point in space with around you a sphere of energy. We are all related to people around us and as a spiritual being we are also related to other spiritual beings. Angels were the most important spiritual beings before man existed. The energy sphere around you in the spiritual existence is influenced by the energy spheres of other beings to whom we relate. May 14, 2007
The original meaning of Home Religion Noahs Ark.jpg The universe is built according to principles. We usually are more aware of the principles and laws for the external and physical world than of those for the invisible internal and spiritual aspects of life. Science tries to understand and describe the principles for the physical reality. When scientists can formulate certain laws, they are able to build technology that is based on such laws. May 13, 2007
Home Religion and our relations Aboriginal painting with child.jpg There are two different types of relationships that determine and influence our lives. The first type is the relation that goes inside, the inner relation that we have to the Creator. The second type of relation is that which we have to other created beings and things. There is a fragile balance between these two types of relationships. May 17, 2007
Home Religion and restoration Cottage idealized.jpg When you believe in God it is logical to also believe that God created the cosmos to become an ideal place. When nature is uninfluenced by man, it always brings itself back into harmony. Sometimes on a smaller scale damage can be done, but on a larger scale the good balance is always restored. May 18, 2007
Altars Mizbeah.jpg Altars are constructions, most of the time elevations, used in temples to present offerings to God or to the deities of that temple. Most altars are tables made from wood or stone or another durable material. Sometimes cabinets or boxes function as altars. Altars usually are specific for the kinds of offerings brought. On some altars, offerings of incense are presented. Other altars accommodate offerings of money, music, things of creation, animals, books of truth etc. May 26, 2007
Original religion and organized religion The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch High Resolution.jpg The world is full with organized religions. What is their value? To measure their merit, we need to have an idea of what religion originally should be. Then we can compare organized religion with original religion. May 21, 2007
Building a tribe of 12 + 72 in 360 homes 1 - 3 - 12 - 72 - 360 Home Religion.jpeg You have put yourself as center of the world, represented to you by 360 homes. You do this with the purpose to restore your own love and your unity with God. By taking responsibility for the world's problems and by learning to love all people, you can come closer to God. This will only happen when you do not act distant from God, but when you try to connect everything you do with God. May 28, 2007
360 Homes in Home Religion 360-degree Panorama of the Southern Sky.jpg What is the purpose of Home Religion? The purpose is that you as individual will restore yourself to find fulfillment in life and unity with God. You were created in the image of God, as a being with freedom and responsibility. It is your goal to make yourself a person in whom God's spirit can descend. May 28, 2007
The relation between Home Religion and established religions Huxisanxiaotu.jpg Each religion has had its origin in time and place. Many religions started with one individual who lived an outstanding spiritual life and who passed on what he discovered of truth and religious or spiritual practice to a group of followers. Some religions have expanded worldwide, other religions were more bound to a certain time in history and a specific culture. May 29, 2007
Serving in Home Religion US Navy 081122-N-9584N-001 Construction Mechanic Constructionman Recruit Gerrett Meyer and Construction Mechanic Constructionman Recruit Scotty Williams work with students from Cesar Chavez Middle School during a community rela.jpg Serving is a word we use for giving love or making offerings to others. I understand God as the source of love and God as the ultimate sacrificial being, serving the whole cosmos and all living beings in it. The goal of religion is to become more like God, to get a closer relation to the origin, and by doing this fulfilling the highest purpose of our own existence. June 4, 2007
Our home can be a spiritually protected Temple Folio 29r - The Ark of God Carried into the Temple.jpg How we feel, what we think, much of it is determined by the spiritual environment around us. Spiritual beings, be they people or angels, have their thoughts and feelings and desires. They can project this mentally onto us. Sept. 9, 2009
Testimony of Home Church in a school environment Old School Gardens, Llanteg - geograph.org.uk - 1269995.jpg I believe Home Church to be a magical tool, a divine inspiration that being practiced can totally transform our own lives and those of others. Although Home Church traditionally is done in an environment of 360 homes, because the principles are universal, Home Church can be applied in many situations. Dec. 11, 2009
Israel and the task to make victory over angels Rembrandt - Jacob Wrestling with the Angel - Google Art Project.jpg Adam and Eve could not reach perfection because instead of taking dominion over the world of angels, they were influenced by angels and began to look up to them as if they were God. It is the task of Adam and Eve to restore themselves to the positions of restored Adam and restored Eve. This can only be accomplished in a process of restoration in which Adam and Eve must win a battle over angels. Dec. 28, 2009
Home Church recalled Washington monument 102107 kdh.jpg Home Church is a dispensation in God's Providence of Restoration, historically given to and through Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Home Church is a system to serve people connected to you or in a neighborhood. It goes far beyond the normal concept of what serving means, because by fulfilling the demands of Home Church you are able to restore yourself to a position that you can become a model for others to follow and to find God. Jan. 30, 2010
Training in the home Masai village.jpg The normal order of education is that we first grow up to a mature individual. It means that as an adult we know how to live life as an individual, without the need of supervision by parents and elders. In an internal sense, that maturity means that we do what is good, that we know how to follow God's will in each situation. April 10, 2011

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