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By John Eagles, June 1, 2006.

I would like to share with you a little about some things i learned from others and from own experience about growing vegetables, herbs and flowers in circles in your garden.

This is quite a magical thing to do and when you apply it well, you will produce fruits that are more healthy and energetic. Several principles are involved here.

The first one is that each plant has the ability to draw certain energies from the cosmos. Healthy plants have more of this ability. Each plant species differs in its capacity to do this. Some plants with flowers can draw energies from the cosmos, for example from the Sun. Other plants take in energies from the air. Again others can pull out energies from the Earth; these are mainly plants with developed roots or bulbs. I'm not going into much detail here about which plant does what, but it is possible to roughly categorize plants according to their ability to inhale energies.

For my own garden i divided them into flower plants, herbs with spicy or medicinal qualities, root plants an leaf plants. Sometimes i made more distinctions. It depends a little on the effect you want to reach.

What's essential to understand is that each plant does not only have the capacity to pull energies in, but these plants also share these energies with their surroundings. They share it with us who work or stay in the garden, they also share it with the other plants. Some plants go very well together and make each other grow or they protect each other, other plants dislike each other and none of them will grow well when you put them near one another.

The next principle is that plants must be positioned in circles or ellipses. You can pick all kind of forms, depending on the natural habitat and particular situation at place, as long as the lines are not too crooked or sharp-edged. In one line, one circle, you place one type of plant, or sometimes a mix of a few types. This will greatly enhance the energetic effect, because the plants help each other to pull in energies and pass it on through the energy line. You effectively are creating an energy line by yourself. Make parallel circles of plants and put the most important plants in the center.

You have a few options for the center. One thing i learned is to put a very healthy plant there. This plant you make healthy by taking extremely well care of the plant. This super-health plant will have a very positive effect on all plants surrounding it. Another possibility is to place plants in the center that you need for something, maybe for medicinal purposes. The surrounding circles of plants will then feed this central plant with their energies.

There's very much more to tell about this. It's very intriguing and it really works. Don't expect that results will always be seen externally, like big potatoes or huge carrots. The effect might be that, but it essentially is a method to provide for healthy and energetic plants.

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