Help:Main codes is the main editing help page for this wiki. You may want to copy this link to your user page, so you always have easy access during editing.

This page gives an overview of pages and manuals that offer help in editing. These include pages on this site and pages elsewhere.

  • All help pages: Category:Help.
    • This site makes a difference between editing pages and manual pages. The editing pages give instructions for how to edit pages.
    • Manuals on this site give conventions for how to configure this wiki, and how to add extensions and gadgets, etc. See Category:Manual

Specific editing help pages



Editing handbooks & User Guides

Install enhanced MediaWiki edit toolbar

Main article: Manual:Enhanced MediaWiki edit toolbar

For administrators

See Help:Patrolled_editsMediaWiki

Trying out things

If you want to try out things without danger of doing any harm, you can do so in: