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This page is to prepare the Divine School curriculum.

Divine School is the 'School of life.' It's the education and training for people who desire for a life with God. Divine School contains the most fundamental courses of training and education that each person should follow during the physical life.

Main courses

Circle of Care

Each person takes a position that identifies him or her in relation to the family in which he or she was born. We call this the Family Position.

The family position can be defined in relation to a vertical axis of human existence, the axis through which God pours out love to all created beings. Such love of God wants to be expressed in more external ways. On the one end of this axis is God, who is most internal. On the other end is creation, which is most external. The source of this axis is love. Training in this position is a training in love. The Circle of Care refers to our task to learn to love God and all creations of God. We learn to love by taking care.

Always we inherit God's love. In the training of the Circle of Care we learn to inherit God's love in deeper and more developed ways. We inherit and give out God's love depending on the position we take in God's family, or all God's children. We could be a child, or a parent, or a grandparent, or a brother or a sister, etc. Our family position determines what kind of love we can receive and give out.

Mission Training

Each person takes a position that identifies him or her in terms of development in one or more fields. This is called the Mission Position. People develop in general ways, for example we learn to speak a language, or have a certain command over mathematics. We also develop in ways that are specific because of the unique individual that each of us is.

We can see training in these respects as development in terms of how we express energy. This can also be seen as the mission of a person. With all humans we share a general mission, but each of us also has a personal mission in life.

We live our lives starting in the physical world, and relating to the spirit world, and living an afterlife in the spirit world, relating to the physical world. How we develop in these worlds in terms of our mission can therefore also seen as our ability to harmonize the spiritual and the physical.

Each person has a unique position and mission in relation to the cosmos. The training for this is Personal Mission Training.

Each person also shares with all other humans development in general fields. The training for this is General Mission Training. In Divine School we distinguish five main forms of General Mission Training:

  1. Music, or the training to express love and develop the heart through music.
  2. Creative Training, or the training to develop to develop the mind through creativity.
  3. Divine Body Practice, or the training to develop the abilities of the body.
  4. Natural Health Ways, or the training how to relate to nature. See for example Gardening courses.
  5. External Mission Training, or the schooling in various aspects of external knowledge, which we need to relate to society around us. For example, language, mathematics. See External Knowledge Training.

Formula-Course Training

All people go a course in life in which they develop their personalities and learn to relate and harmonize well with the world they meet. The aspect of identity derived from this is the Formula-course position. This task cannot be done by an individual alone, but must be accomplished by man and woman, husband and wife together. The task can be described as one of bringing harmony of forms. Husband and wife together must bring about harmony of all forms.

This task is the consummation of what was injected through the Circle of Care in the way of love, and through the Mission Training in the way of energy. Husband and wife together must bring love and energy into creations of harmonized forms.

To learn to do this, we must go through a formula-course of restoration, in which we learn to fulfill The Four Blessings. First we need a preparation as individual to fulfill The First Blessing. Then we become ready for The Second Blessing through which we become husbands and wives. The Third Blessing is that of relating to the world of creation, while the Fourth Blessing is that of developing command over the spiritual reality.

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