Study of the mind

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A series of articles written by John Eagles to study the workings of the human mind, particularly researching the mind in relation to the spiritual reality.


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The physical and the spiritual memory Wikipedia barcode 128.svg Though i cannot present you a complete theory of the working of the spiritual and the physical memory in humans, i have made many observations in this field and i want to present to you some thoughts about that. First of all, there is a difference between spiritual and physical memory. What does this mean? It means that what you remember in your physical body, what is stored in your physical memory, does not all go with you when your body dies and enters the spiritual world. Aug. 31, 2006
Are spirit and mind the same Color mind.svg The mind is the instrument with the functions of planning, thinking and feeling. You cannot locate the mind in one part of the body. The mind permeates the entire body. Some people believe that the mind is located in the brain, but i don't believe that it is that simple. I rather see the whole body as an instrument of the mind. The brain definitely is necessary for the mind to function, but also the rest of your body plays a role. Feb. 1, 2007
Memory on five levels Multistore model.png First i want to give a definition of memory. I define memory as “the maintenance of information.” This is a rather broad definition. It includes the maintenance of information in people and in things such as books and computers. There are also memories in things that we normally don’t see as vessels for information. Feb. 20, 2011

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