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Make your gardening more enjoyable and easy by using the right tools for each job! For a small garden you can do with fewer tools but if your garden is bigger, it pays off to buy more tools and to learn using and applying them in the right way.

To loosen a soil there are various tools. There's the normal spade, but you can also use a heavy hoe, a hand cultivator or a 'grelinette.' I use a grelinette or garden fork more than a spade, as the work is easier, especially because with a grelinette the soil layers aren't disturbed, meaning that the top soil which contains more oxygen-loving micro-organisms and more humus remains top soil.

For weeding you can use a hand cultivator, a normal hoe or a push hoe. You've got to try out which one of these works best for your soil. I use several types of hoes and several types of push hoes, depending on how hard the soil is and how thick and high the weeds. Narrower hoes are good to go in-between lines with crops while wider hoes work faster when you have more space.

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