Origin and migrations of humans

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This is a recreation of a map that shows the human migration path and dates Out of Africa as proposed by Saitou Naruya, professor at the (Japanese) National Institute for Genetics.

Research and findings about this topic by John Eagles and others.


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The story as told from spirit world by an ancient first immigrant to America Ra portrait 1003016.JPG The following is information i acquired from a man in spirit world who lived long ago. He said his name is Ra and claims to be one of the first migrants to America. I pass on the story as he told it to me. Although he gave me the impression to be reliable, i don't know if all the details he told me are correct. I'll give account of the main story as he told it. If you want to know more details, ask me in comments. March 16, 2010
A migration from Asia to America before recorded history(video) A migration from Asia to America.jpg The story of a man who lived maybe 9,000 years ago and who moved with his tribe from Asia to America. He also told about their origin near the Black Sea and that some related tribes migrated to Japan and Korea. March 27, 2010 A migration from Asia to America before recorded history (blog with video embedded

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