Seminar Faith

This is a seminar[1] about faith. Faith here means faith in God the Creator. This seminar is about principles and practice of faith. On the Research page:Seminar Faith i am preparing the materials for this seminar. - John Eagles
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Sections of the seminar

The seminar is divided into sections. Although you can read most sections independently from the other ones, it is recommended to follow the course from beginning to end in the given order.

Seminar Faith:Introduction

The core of our existence
Is the faith we have in God
Provides with our subsistence
Strengthens with a rod.

Seminar Faith:The central figure of faith

Some people think they're nothing... Some people think they're everything... Some people engage in chattering... And some people go for praying... But for God you're the real thing... You're the center, not right- and not left-wing... You're the head thing and the one that makes God sing...

Seminar Faith:The Foundation of Faith

Faith is built as a foundation
And is also God's donation
Is really a matter of cooperation
Born from God's and our aspiration

It builds up over time
From your and my internal rhyme
A growth in battle against crime
Faith this means i'm

Faith is the gaining of trust
To overcome the angels' dust
To do away with what's unjust
On the journey of eternal wanderlust

Seminar Faith:Parameters of the Foundation of Faith

There's a saying 'Walk your talk'... When your talk is to do God's will... Your walk should be after that talk... Doing your duty and something more still... Faith always precedes our action... And actions are done in space and time... A number of good deeds to God's satisfaction... Is what makes our faith sublime...

Seminar Faith:Relationship to a more central figure of faith

Some people like to be the center... The one and only central center... Certainty is that centers are always relative... The center is not for one who's competitive... It's for the one who can relate... Who can accept that the other is also great... No central figure stands alone... Or could settle high on a throne... The smaller one thrives on supporting the center... And the center on assisting the member...

Seminar Faith:First result of the Foundation of Faith: Love relationship with God

In the love we have for God... Is the base of faith deep and broad... We expand our faith by giving... Will enlighten all our living... No excuse for losing faith... In our hands we carry our fate...

Seminar Faith:Second result of the Foundation of Faith: Receiving God's Word

Facts and ideas can be learned from a book
Also some truth, depending on where you look
But Truth can only be found in your heart
And abiding this is a divine art

The Truth is given to those in faith
You can be sure this won't be fake
Each day a jewel born in trust and action
Try to get in this flow to your lasting satisfaction

Seminar Faith:Third result of the Foundation of Faith: Love relationship with others

Love for God comes before love for man... Love for man is part of God's plan... By restoring our faith we come back to union... With God and man in holy communion... Faith wants to be expressed... This is how we're all being blessed...

Seminar Faith:Fourth result of the Foundation of Faith: A foundation to receive God

When the plant begins to flower... It grew from a seed's embedded power... When the tree gives ample fruit... These developed from a seed minute... The full-grown crop salutes the source... That's how all things go their course... God's world comes from faith expressed... Such is our one and common quest.

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  1. Seminars on Eagle Rock Wiki are courses given about special topics. These seminars are set up in a systematic way to get familiar with or knowledgeable about a topic. Readers or students are invited to participate in various ways: to follow the schedule of the seminar from start to end, by studying and reading the given materials and by performing tasks when these are given, and also to participate in discussions by asking questions, making comments and giving replies or suggestions.


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