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On this page i am preparing the materials for the Seminar Faith - John Eagles

Working on the structure of the seminar

(Notes to myself, JE)
  • Make a logical structure for the seminar, from start to end, divide in sections.
  • Write new texts to introduce each new section.
  • Refer to already existing pages about faith for further study of a section. Also add more of my already written texts about faith.
  • Practice: Home Church!
  • Don't forget to include podcasts, already existing or new-to-be-made.
  • Find external content, older religious texts, more recent inspirational content, videos, anything really that can help to instill faith in God.
  • How to promote on Facebook?
  • Organize to allow comments by students and readers. For this, comments on ERW/FB should be enabled. C & Y are working on this.
  • Make new videos about faith (?)
  • Organize online seminars (?)
  • Faith expressed in the form of art: Music, Images
  • Possibility to add a "Sign up for this Seminar" link or button as an "involvement device?"[1]

Sections of the seminar

  1. Seminar Faith:Introduction
  2. Seminar Faith:The central figure of faith
  3. Seminar Faith:The Foundation of Faith
  4. Seminar Faith:Parameters of the Foundation of Faith
  5. Seminar Faith:Relationship to a more central figure of faith
  6. Seminar Faith:First result of the Foundation of Faith: Love relationship with God
  7. Seminar Faith:Second result of the Foundation of Faith: Receiving God's Word
  8. Seminar Faith:Third result of the Foundation of Faith: Love relationship with others
  9. Seminar Faith:Fourth result of the Foundation of Faith: A foundation to receive God
  10. Historical central figures of faith
  11. Faith and prayer
  12. Faith and offerings - Offerings need to be separated, to be cut. Not only should we ask God what offering to bring. But also in the case we bring an offering desired by God, there is still the need for splitting the offering. As the offering represents the person who is offering, this splitting means a checking and cleansing of the heart, the mind, the body, the actions and the offering. The heart has to do with motivation. For example, what is our motivation for setting up a condition? When we study the offerings we can get clues what could be wrong. The internal expresses in the external. When Abraham's offering of the animals was not acceptable, birds of prey came. The birds of prey are external but they showed that something in Abraham's heart was not right.
  13. Faith and tests
  14. Faith and restoration
  15. Faith and resurrection
  16. Faith and the spirit world
  17. The practice of faith in Home Church

Structure of each section

Make a separate page for each section so comments can be added just for that section.
  1. Introductory text
  2. Assignments
  3. Further reading
  4. What you should remember
  5. Optional: images, videos, podcasts -- internal (on ERW) and/or external (elsewhere on the web)

Articles about 'Faith' on ERW

Other courses and topics on ERW where 'Faith' is explained

New fragments, possibly to be included in the seminar

Faith is a treasure that needs to be guarded

Health is also a treasure. When we are strong and healthy it doesn't mean we could eat what we like and expose our bodies to harmful conditions.

The same is true for faith. It can be strong only when we take many precautions. Faith grows by truth and by doing what is right. Likewise, but in the other direction, faith gets harmed by hearing too much nonsense or clever lies to justify people's own failings.

Of course we can get stronger faith over time, but it's a tough job to keep it. As we get confronted with the world and the many falsities preached there, we need to judge each time when we hear such things, differentiate between truth and lies and also try to understand the condition of a person who's in disbelief.

How to prepare an acceptable offering to establish a FoF?

Imagine that you are visiting a king or queen or president of the nation and you want to present a gift. An offering to God is like that in many ways. The first thing for us to do is what God wants us to offer. You wouldn't give a present to a king without asking yourself what he likes or needs.

So maybe you know that the king or president needs something to be done in his nation, for example a solution for a problem with waste. Before you work on that problem you first study what the problems and the needs are, how much money would be available, if your solution could also be implemented with enough political support etc.

Then you work for a certain time period, you invest a certain amount of money, and eventually you have your solution, a new invention. Now you have to check and check again if everything really works, if all the problems you can foresee have been solved. When you have done that, you wrap your present in nice wrapping paper. In this case it would mean that you prepare a clear and insightful presentation.

Now you visit the king or queen and you dress nicely and you give your presentation. Everyone is impressed and the king is happy and gets excited about your proposal.

This shows us how we can make acceptable offerings to God. First, we need to offer something that God needs, so we need to pray or meditate and find out what it is. Second, we need to invest a certain amount of time, and a certain amount of money maybe. Certain amount stands for numbers.' Third, we present the offering, in religious terms we present it on an offering table. The offering table of the inventors' presentation was his computer and a screen to show the content. Fourth, the offering and we ourselves must be clean. It must be a good offering without fault and without problems attached. This means: the offering must be purified, and we ourselves must be purified. For example, if we made the invention with the help of Mafia money, that offering would be unacceptable because troubles would later come from it. If we don't dress up nicely when meeting the king or queen, we show disrespect. It doesn't mean that in our offering to God we need to dress up with our finest clothes, but it means that we ourselves must be pure when we offer to God. Our motivation and our intentions must be pure.

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  1. In direct marketing, it's been found that adding an involvement device increases response. In direct mail it can be as simple as pulling a sticker off of one spot and moving it to another. Also, by signing up for the seminar, there can be included a progress report to allow the participant to measure his or her progress and take the course at his/her own pace. Especially for material of this nature, feedback is very valuable at every stage. That is, they can see where they stopped and pick up and continue.


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