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A series of articles written by John Eagles.
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Internal guidance is guidance for your internal life. It is to explain how to overcome internal difficulties in your life of faith.


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Faith and tests Adam and Eve from a copy of the Falnama.jpg Faith is the degree in which you have a good relation to God. The more you have grown in your religious life, the more you will have gained faith. Faith is like a string, a wire or a piece of rope that binds you with God. April 13, 2001 Podcast
Faith and reason and our progress Nast-intellect.png We were created to have a relationship to the Higher, to our Creator. I believe that God has arranged the universe in such a way that the only way that we can grow spiritually is by improving our love. The origin of love is in the Creator. Before we can learn to improve love in human relations, we first must deepen it in our relation to God. This is only possible by living a life of faith, faith that must be centred on the Higher. Feb. 6, 2007
Breathing truth like the fragrance of a flower Echinacea 2007-27.JPG We can rely on the truth to lead us to our safe destination. The truth is like the fragrance of a flower. We know that the flower is beautiful when we smell its perfume. Our nose tells us that a flower is graceful and our eyes confirm that realization. The fragrance of a flower is like the truth of God and the visible flower shows us the love of God expressed in beauty. Oct. 25, 2009 Podcast
What to do when our faith is failing - Español What to do when our faith is failing - Internal guidance.jpg Let's analyze the mechanism of failing faith so we can learn to restore it. There are principles for how to build up faith. There also can be discovered why personal faith in God goes down. When we lose divine inspiration we need to take some steps backwards and consider and contemplate. March 30, 2010 Podcast

Fallen nature & the fall

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Arrogance is disturbance of the vertical axis Adam and Eve Lubok.jpg In the beginning of the existence of man, there came about the evil nature of arrogance. Until today, this fallen nature makes that people and angels are causing disturbance of the vertical axis of the universe. Because there is the false nature of arrogance, the universe does not function as it should. May 27, 2001 Podcast
Do you dislike the word sin God the Geometer.jpg Some people don’t like the word ‘sin’. I also don’t like it, because I don’t like sins and their results. Please read on when you tend to back off as soon as you read the word sin. I am just trying to understand what ‘sin’ really means. Jan. 20, 2007 Podcast
Jealousy from a spiritual viewpoint Jealousy and Flirtation.jpg Jealousy is an ugly type of evil nature. We don't like it when other people are jealous at us and most of the time we also don't like it when this feeling comes over us. What is the right way to deal with envy? In order to understand how to overcome this type of fallen nature, we need to realize that there is a connection to the spiritual reality. Sept. 12, 2009
Different views on reality make or break or lives Mount Yu Shan - Taiwan.jpg I give account here of one story, told in three different versions. One description is neutral, one is negative and the last one is positive. It is to remind us how our view on reality reflects more on ourselves than that it always necessarily is an adequate report. We make our own reality by our choice how we see the world. Sept. 27, 2009
Dealing with the spiritual fall in our daily lives Eve IMG 28091.JPG The fall of man is not a pleasant topic to deal with, neither when we are confronted with people to whom it happened, nor when we try to understand more about it. It's a bit like it goes with cancer. If you or someone near to you has it, you would rather ignore it altogether, but you also know that you have to take charge of it or you will be dead one day. Sept. 28, 2009 Podcast

Growth & Training

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Back to a life of learning and internal development Gymnastics 0000.gif Love is the most essential aspect of life. Love is naturally in us, but it is also something that must be learned and developed. When we don't make effort for that, we may lose the love in our hearts and even fall into the habit of hating. August 28, 2006 Podcast
The sleeper must awaken Seven sleepers.jpg There is no reason to lose your faith. Things may look dark and gloomy but you always have the possibility to do something positive today. Do something good, develop yourself, and tomorrow you will be better than the person you were today. Feb. 3, 2008 Podcast
External and internal training Image for Internal and external training.JPG We can learn many principles for internal life by studying principles for what is more external. The external aspects of a human body express the internal. The body expresses the heart and mind. This is the reason why many principles that apply for the body also have value for what is more internal, the heart of love and desires and the mind of thinking and feeling. March 4, 2008 Podcast
The forest of wisdom for education Forest of wisdom.JPG I once spent a long time to learn in the forest with the trees of wisdom for education. The forest was full of trees and each of these taught an essential truth of education. When i meditated under a giant oak, the biggest tree in the forest, it told me: "Your love can grow when you practice the Circle of Care. It means that you must care for all that God created and by caring your love will grow. It is a circle because all that God created is connected through one big circle of care. Care is to practice love..." March 7, 2010
Reading books and spiritual life Old book bindings.jpg Sometimes people ask me which books to read or not to read for good spiritual development. This question is very difficult to answer. I have always kept some principles for myself, but will first give a comparison that has helped me. We can compare spiritual food with physical food. March 16, 2011 Podcast

Human relationships

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Inside a harmonious galaxy of love Cat's Eye Nebula - GPN-2000-000955.jpg Love is the strongest force of the universe. Love is the source and core of all other energies and forces. Compare this to stars and planets. From the outside they beam out many different energies but their real force comes from their heart in the center where all its force is generated in nuclear reactions. Feb. 24, 2008 Podcast
Inheritance through love between parents and children and vice versa Inheritance through love flower.jpg Everything of value can be inherited in the parent-child relationship. Children learn from their parents and inherit many qualities based on the merit built up by their parents. Sept. 5, 2009 Podcast
Two friends People together.svg Two people go to the same school. They compete for having the highest grades. They are friends. Everyone who sees them thinks they are very much alike. But one of them has dreams about getting rich and famous. Jan. 25, 2011 Podcast
Each soul is a mirror Mirror img 0267.jpg Each soul is a mirror. Some mirrors are cleaner and shine more brightly. When you meet a soul like that, you can see yourself as you are. You hardly see the other soul, you only see your own reflection. Jan. 26, 2011 Podcast
'I' and what is around me Tulip heart of flower.jpg We tend to think of 'I' as an identity on its own. This may be because we experience the center of ourselves as a continuum, or because we put too much emphasis on our ego. But in reality, the definition of 'I' cannot be given without considering what is around me. April 23, 2011 Podcast


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Seven gates to spiritual life SantesCreusDormitorio.jpg Seven gates give us access to spiritual life. The seven gates have entrance codes for how to live in such a way that we become aware of the spiritual aspects of life. The codes teach us to develop as spiritual people. We can choose to enter the spiritual world through each of the gates. When we fully wish to explore the spiritual reality, we need to open all the gates and the seven gates will merge into one Great Gate to spiritual life. March 14, 2007
The goodness of a soul divine Le poeme de lAme-01-Louis Janmot-MBA Lyon-IMG 0484.jpg Now it is true that all mistakes we make in life have a purpose and we can learn from them... But it is also true that certain mistakes made by people have caused very much suffering to others. Now it is true that when suffering comes upon us, there is a deeper reason for it hidden in the karma that we carry... But it is also true that we have free choice and we can choose to make life better for the present and the future. July 9, 2007 Podcast
Love lessons from trees Colored-earth mauritius3 hg.jpg It takes millions, even billions of years before a fertile top soil has formed. The rich and dark-colored layer of humus is the result of the growing and dying of trees and plants, which make their organic matter from gases in the air and minerals of the earth. Jan. 24, 2011 Podcast
The search inward Intuition.jpg You want to know what you should do in life, you have to make a decision. In us we have intuition. We feel deep inside what is the best choice. Jan. 29, 2011 Podcast

Mind-body unity

See also: Study of the mind
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Shells in a personality Love is - Shells in a personality image.jpg The human mind is very complex. Just like the body has senses, also the mind has them. A body gives out by moving and acting and receives by sensing. Jan. 30, 2011


Main article: Internal Guidance - Prayer

Religious life

This section is about internal aspects of religion. For articles about religious rituals and ceremonies see: Religious practice
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A parable about the right road and the left road TwoRoadsParable.jpg A man was walking a long and strenuous road. His destination was heaven and he knew that he had to overcome many difficulties. At a certain point the road split in two. There were many other people who had arrived at the same branching. There were two road signs there. One pointed to the right and it said 'Heaven.' The other sign pointed to the left and it said 'Hell.' Aug. 30, 2009
Internal and spiritual aspects of sacred ceremonies File:Monte Santo di Lussari pilgrimage church interior mass 31052008 35.jpg In our religious life we sometimes go through ceremonies that have deep meaning. Each religion has its own rituals and when we study the sacraments of religions, we realize that there always is this deeper meaning. A problem that often occurs in organized religions is that the ceremonies are performed but not understood deeply. Oct. 12, 2009


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The fair and just life in restoration Fair and just restoration 2.jpg When we look at certain situations in life, we could wonder why these situations come up. There are human relations in which we find ourselves stuck. How do we have to see this? It all has to do with restoration. There are certain original relations in life, for example, there is the relationship between God and man, there is the relationship between God and angels. There is the relationship between parents and children, between husband and wife, and there is the relationship between man and angels. Feb. 18, 2001

Spiritual life

Main articles: Divine Principle - The spiritual world and Spiritual exercises, section Articles

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